Learning Static Web Development Using {blogdown}

Project: July 2022 - Present, Independent Project

When I decided to make a research website, I learned the basics of HTML, CSS, and website publication to have broader creative influence over my website's design and to expand my knowledge of full-stack static web development. I made my website using the R package blogdown through following this tutorial on blogdown coauthored by Yihui Xie, Amber Thomas, and Alison Presmanes Hill: blogdown: Creating Websites with R Markdown. I also used a guide created by Shilaan Alzahawi called Building your own website using R {blogdown}: A concise step-by-step guide.

I also took inspiration from each of these authors’ personal websites linked below…

I used this template for my website and changed some of its structural and visual features by playing around with the output HTML and CSS files produced from the template’s Markdown, HTML, and CSS files. A lot of this work involved inspecting the source code of other websites that were designed similarly to mine. If you have a background in R programming and are interested in designing a website, blogdown is a great way to transition into learning some of these skills.